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Tiny Code

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sharing data

These days I split my computing time between a desktop computer at work, a desktop computer at home, a tablet device, and a smartphone.  Frequently I find myself wanting to save data in the form of a bookmark, a link to a web pace, or a note on one of these devices to access later on others.  Fortunately, there are a number of applications which make this easy.  Here are the applications I've picked to do the job.

Dropbox - Installing this application on computers and mobile devices allows effortless sharing of all types of files between devices.  Dropbox gets used by a number of other applications like PlainTest (listed below) to make life easier.

PlainText - Allows easy viewing and/or editing of text files stored on your Dropbox account from your mobile devices.  Only available on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad but you can find similar applications for Android devices.

Xmarks - Makes keeping bookmarks synchronized between browsers on desktop and laptop computers dead simple.

Instapaper - Ideal for those URLs you stumble upon on an application on one device that you want to save for later viewing.  A number of mobile device applications such as Twitter feature integration with Instapaper to simplify the task of saving interesting web pages.

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