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OpenDNS problems?

For the last few days, I've been noticing my DNS lookups are much slower than usual. Today I actually had to retry several times because of timeouts in a proprietary registration application I couldn't control. I decided to bypass the OpenDNS servers and go back to those provided by my ISP. Strangely enough, my browsing is back to normal speed after making the change. I tried to look at their system status link but got a blank page back after quite a long wait. I wonder if OpenDNS is a victim of their own popularity? Something is causing their web site to behave so slowly.

I guess I'll wait a few days and try them again to see if this is just a short lived glitch.


davidu said...

We did have an /abnormal/ surge in traffic today at one of our datacenters on the East Coast. As it happens, we're also moving offices today which means our VPN is in transition. That's made getting to the bottom of it tough. While it was going on latency was increased for users on the Eastern Seaboard.

It is resolved now, we're in the new office and we're getting back on top of everything. I hope you'll try turning us back on. :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmm... I've found similar problems when using opendns. My own servers sometimes 'do not resolve' and I get an openDNS search sponsored by google. (!)

This while I KNOW my server is up and running just fine because it sits in my living room and all the other sites on it are working as usual.

Is OpenDNS creaming traffic and sending it to their (paid by google) sponsored search results?

Did anyone elso notice this? If this happens again I'll dump openDNS.