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Parallels 3.0

Parallels, the popular software which allows Mac users to run Windows, Linux, or other Operating Systems in a window, will soon have a new version available. They're offering reduced prices for purchases and updates now through June 6th.

The most compelling reason to upgrade is the new support for DirectX 9.0. This allows 3d games to be run under Parallels.

Another cool feature is called SmartSelect. This allows you to associate a file type with any application installed on your system regardless of whether the application is Mac or PC based. This works with their Coherence feature which runs just the PC based application in a window without requiring a window for the Windows OS itself. This makes it appear as if the Windows applications are running natively on your Mac.

This is great news. I can't wait to upgrade so I can increase the number of games which will run on my Mac.


Chard said...

Several of my colleagues use Macs do do their development, but our current target environment is Linux only. So they use Parallels. I gather it works better for them than VMware. As a long-time VMware user (I started in late '99!), I'm quite partial to it, but I know nothing about the Mac version.

And of course, I don't play computer games to speak of. Can you run Leather Goddesses of Phobos under Parallels?

Chard said...

P.S. Nice picture! *grin*

Rod said...

I sometimes work from home and find I'm much more productive because of the Mac. The X11 included with the Mac is much faster and less error prone than the commercial X11 clients we're supposed to use at work. I've gone as far as replacing the commercial X11 with the free one from Cygwin which is faster but sadly a bit buggy.

I'm not a big game player either though I do have a few older games I never finished. I tend to use Parallels mostly for those few tasks which require Windows. There are still web sites which force me to use IE.

I tried the beta of VMware for the Mac but had a few problems. Since Parallels was already working fine for me, I didn't spend a lot of time trying to resolve the problems.