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Stan Kelly-Bootle

The latest issue of the ACM Queue has an interesting article by Stan Kelly-Bootle. I always loved reading Stan's articles in Unix Review and Software Development magazines. Sometimes his column was the only thing I'd find of interest in the magazine. Thank goodness for complimentary subscriptions, eh? I always got a chuckle and usually learned something by reading his articles. He has a real gift for making technical discussions interesting. Check out his article if you have time.

Also worth reading is his book, The Devil's DP Dictionary. I purchased my copy quite a while ago which is a lucky thing as it seems a little tough to find copies. It's very amusing.

New note: A good friend has pointed out that the new edition of Stan's book is called The Computer Contradictionary. That may even be the edition I have... it would be tough to tell since I can't lay my hands on it at the moment.

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Chard said...

As I think you know, I had the chance to work with Stan back in the 90s. Needless to say, it was a joy, and we became friends.

BTW, the more recent version of the Devil's DP Dictionary is The Computer Contradictionary. I know this because I have one, and because I get a casual mention in one entry. I'm somebody!!!