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Feeling old

I was in the hospital visiting my grandmother this weekend. Last week she had fallen while trying to put on her shoes and broke her leg near the hip. Thank goodness it wasn't her hip as that's supposed to be much harder to recover from. So thanks to a metal pin and 3 screws installed Thursday, she's starting the long hard road to recovery.

I was amazed that the physical therapist was able to get her to try a few steps while I was there. She was in a lot of pain and was reluctant to do anything which made it worse, such as moving the injured leg. The thing which was toughest for me to take was the sounds she made when the pain hit her. I was also struck by how small and frail she looks now. I know it's been a long gradual process but it really struck me while watching her struggle with the pain.

It's strange how the roles feel reversed now. When I was small, she used to take care of me while my mother was at work. She was always able to help with anything I needed. Now we've got to do the same for her. It seems kind of strange for all of us and is taking a little getting used to.


Laura E. Goodin said...

I've got back problems at the moment, and I'm haunted by the image of Margaret needing to wheel me around and take care of all my personal issues (and everything that, ahem, issues, if you know what I mean). She'd do it, I'm not worried about that, but it's still a poignant and somewhat unnerving thought....

Chard said...

Seems like almost everyone I know is facing eldercare issues these days. And it's not fun for any of us.

It's never easy watching someone you care about grow old (or ill). And I don't even want to think about me growing old some day.

"My generation...."