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PDA replacement

I finally found an excuse to take the plunge and replace my aging Palm Tungsten T3. This is not a transition I make lightly. I've been using Palm PDAs since I bought the first Palm device introduced back in 1996, the Palm Pilot 1000. I got it for special employee pricing since I was working for U.S. Robotics. You may or may not remember that they owned Palm when the first Palm PDA was introduced.

As a longtime and very satisfied Palm user, I would have loved to choose another Palm PDA but Palm's future doesn't look quite so rosy these days. The company has been making some strange moves such as spinning off their software division. They've also apparently lost focus and haven't introduced any new innovative PDAs models in a while. Even the Treo line they've been depending on so heavily has lost ground when compared with other smartphones.

The device I chose as a replacement was the Nokia N810. It includes pretty much all the features the Tungsten has but also features a slide out keyboard, a Wifi adapter, a built-in webcam, a GPS receiver, and can even use a bluetooth cellphone for an Internet connection if a wireless access point isn't available.

Now comes the struggle to figure out how to duplicate all the features I depend on my Palm for on the new device. Fortunately, Access has introduced a Palm emulator called the Garnet VM which should help ease the transition somewhat.

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Chard said...

One of my coworkers recently got a Nokia 810. He likes it reasonably well. He keeps it in the kitchen so he knows when e-mail has arrived if he's cooking dinner or playing with the kids. Then he can quickly answer if it's important, then go back to whatever.

It looked OK.

I'm intrigued by the Eee PC from Asus, since I might need something portable to take on a trip or two this year.