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Firefox smart keywords

A lot of people I've talked to don't seem to explore features added by new releases of their software. A case in point is the smart keyword feature of Firefox. It allows you to enter a quick search on the web site of your choosing just by entering a few works in the Firefox's address bar.

An example will probably make this a bit clearer. I frequently visit the Internet Movie Database to look up movies I'm interested in seeing. So I've created a smart keyword called "imdb" which saves me a lot of time. When I want to look up the movie Time Bandits, I click in the Firefox address bar and enter the command "imdb time bandits". That takes me directly to IMDB's information page on Time Bandits.

To enter a new smart keyword, perform the following procedure.

1) Visit www.imdb.com.
2) Right click in the search box and choose the "Add a Keyword for this search..." selection.
3) Enter a name and the actual keyword for your saved search. For this example, I've used "imdb" for both the name and keyword.
4) I like to group all my keywords in a special keyword bookmarks folder. Then again, I'm an organization freak.

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