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My new gadget fix

Last week I finally got fed up with the numerous quirks exhibited by the cheap flash only MP3 player which will remain nameless (suffice it to say I should have never strayed away from the Apple fold for price alone) and ordered a refurbished iPod Touch. I figured I could use it as a light MP3 player when I was exercising or walking the dog. Plus it gives me the ability to play with some of the more compelling iPhone features without having to pay the monthly fee for the data service.

It arrived a few days ago and I've been having a great time playing with it ever since. I think it's as very nearly as revolutionary as the original iPod was. The first thing which struck me was how thin it was. I'm amazed at how such a tiny device can perform such an amazing number of tasks.

The mobile version of the Safari browser works well for light web browsing. I get a big kick out of using the gestures to zoom in and out on portions of web pages. Being able to rotate the device and having the display orientation automatically adjust itself is also very cool. Having a built-in IMAP email client is pretty darned handy too. I've also discovered a few free applications which complement the standard set nicely.

I like the mobile version of the NetNewsWire RSS reader. I've been using the Mac version for quite a while now. I discovered that I had to sign up for a second NewsGator account since my old account contains a lot more RSS feeds than the mobile version of NetNewsWire can comfortably handle.

I also downloaded Labyrinth LE, a game which takes advantage of the orientation sensors in the iPod Touch to allow you to control a ball's movement through a maze by tilting the Touch. It's more fun than I would have thought.

I'm sure I'll be discovering more cool applications for the Touch in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I'm having a blast playing with this clever little gadget.


Chard said...

Ooooooh. I had no idea an iPod Touch was basically an iPhone without the phone!

I will have to think hard about that now. A little wifi-enabled device like that would be SO handy! Even handier than my Eee PC, probably.

Rod said...

It is pretty handy. I especially the way it goes from powered off to on and browsing so quickly. That makes it very easy to look something up quickly.

It doesn't have all the non-phone features of the iPhone though. It's missing the camera, bluetooth, and the speaker.