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Apple makes switching phones incredibly easy

One of the things I've always dreaded about switching phones the laborious process of entering the phone numbers of friends and family members. I've got all those in my Mac Address Book so why can't I sync it straight to my phone? I've gotten used to doing so with my Palm Centro but wasn't sure it was easily accomplished using my old Razr.

Apple comes to the rescue again. It turns out they've included enough intelligence in their Bluetooth software that I can choose groups of contacts from my Address Book to sync.

But wait, there's more. I was also able to add my favorite wallpaper image to the old phone by using Apple's Bluetooth browsing feature. In the future, I'll be able to transfer photos taken with my cell phone via Bluetooth instead of being charged a fee for using the phone's data connection.

The procedure for accomplishing this was pretty easy to figure out... after all, it is an Apple. But here's the procedure spelled out if you don't feel like noodling it out yourself.

I did a little work with Google but I didn't see a similar procedure available for Windows. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist but if it does, it must not be quite so obvious as Apple's.

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