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My old bluetooth mouse, a Logitech which I really loved, recently developed a problem which caused it to skip erratically. Needless to say this served to annoy me greatly. I finally got fed up with the problem and being a bit reluctant to get another mouse which might fail prematurely, purchased a Microsoft Notebook Mouse 5000 (see image above) instead.

The new mouse is smaller than the Logitech which means it doesn't fit my hand quite as well as the Logitech did. On the plus side, at 1000 dpi the tracking is incredibly precise. That's a nice change from the way the old mouse had behaved recently. I'm pretty sure that's much better tracking resolution than the old mouse had when it was new.

One thing I don't care for is the scroll wheel which moves in a jerky fashion. I guess it's designed to keep you from scrolling too quickly and going past whatever you're trying to find. I prefer the smoother scroll wheels which Logitech mice typically have.

The manual estimates the battery life at 3 months on two AAA batteries. If it really lasts that long, that will be slightly better than the old mouse. I've got to get more rechargeable AAA batteries now.

All in all, I think I like this mouse. The fact that it was cheaper than replacing the old one with another Logitech would have cost me more is a nice bonus too.

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