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iPod Touch update

I'm relieved to report my enthusiasm for the iPod Touch as a replacement for the long line of Palm PDAs continues unabated. This little device continues to amaze me.

I managed to find this very useful article which helped me get secondary calendars in Google Calendar syncing with the iPod Touch. That was really the last piece of the PDA puzzle I needed to solve.

Tonight I downloaded the free Apple Remote application which allows me to control our Apple TV from the iPod Touch. It's not earth shattering but rather a bit of fun with a device which is already ranks among the best technical purchases I've made.

I typically find several reasons to be dissatisfied with any new gadget after a month of using it. Not so with the iPod Touch. It makes using a PDA type device fun again. I recall feeling this sense of enjoyment when I first started playing with most of the new Palm devices I've owned (aside from the Centro which was horribly disappointing).

By the way, the iPod Touch serves as a very nice music and video player in addition to its stellar performance as a PDA. It also works nicely to do some light web browsing at night. The mobile version of Safari is by far the most useful web browsing experience I've seen on a small device.

If you're in the market for a small device which can serve multiple purposes, investigate the iPod Touch. You won't be sorry.

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